A Note from The Author - David Watson


I would like to thank the people that have taken the time to read 'The Coal Bin' I appreciate the feedback. I've had mostly positive comments and some compared it to a Hitchcock type of thriller. That's a compliment of course but I'm not trying to imitate anyone's style or compete with anyone. The only one I compete against is myself. What I wanted to do is come up with something that was different and easy to read. It's mostly fiction but there's some truth to it here and there.

In short, the story is about a sociopath that murders his wife and in-laws so he could inherit the family business and fortune. The deaths appear to be an accident so he gets away with it but he doesn't get away with it as far as his in-laws are concerned. They come back to haunt him and he has no idea what's happening until they polish him off at the end of the story.

All the locations in the story are actual places with the main residence being a turn-of-the-century brick French villa that's located on scenic route 127 in Beverly, Massachusetts. Other locations are Manhattan, Beverly, Salem, Salem Harbor, The Miserie Islands, Baker's Island, Annisquam, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Las Vegas, Domingo Springs, California, and The Valley of Fire.

People have asked me when I'm going to write another book. I intend to do a pre-quel and have started but as of now, I have no idea when it will be done. For those that haven't read The Coal Bin, and intend to, I certainly hope you enjoy it.

Dave Watson