Every now and then, someone asks me if I'm writing another book. I am. It took me about five years to come up with another basic idea for a novel that I felt was worth writing. So far, I'm pleased with it. I want it to be as good if not better than 'The Coal Bin.' I'm combining fact and fiction with this story. I think the toughest part of writing is coming up with the basic story. The title of this novel will be 'Profiles in Carnage'. Hopefully it should be done in the summer or fall of 2017.


Frank is a talented writer that adapted 'The Coal Bin' into a screenplay entitled, 'Premonitions'. I welcomed his suggestion to change the name because as he put it: A lot of younger people don't know what a coal bin is. Since the screenplay was finished in the spring of 2014, we entered it in a number of film and screenplay contests in the United States and foreign countries. The results were encouraging with a second and fourth place win listed in Frank's bio. He's also written a screenplay for John Rodas's award winning short film, 'Devils Work'.


It was an early passion for animation the initially drew John Rodas to the world of film. John got his first experience as a production apprentice on 'The Strangler's Wife' (2002) soaking up as much knowledge as he could and immersing himself in all aspects of production. Since then he has continued his learning and has produced a number of independent films. He took the leap into the directors chair for his first short, 'Home Sweet Home' (2012). An avid fan of horror film, he has continued in that gene with his follow-up, 'Devils Work'.
-- Sean Patrick